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Medium Scale

Maize Mill Layouts

Containerized Maize Mill
2 - 2.5 t/h Super Maize Mill Hurricane
1.2 - 1.5 t/h Super Maize Mill Hurricane
Brewer and snacks MAIZE grit MILL 2.5TPH


Hurricane Roller Mills
Rotary Sifter
Rotary Valve
Vitamin Doser
Mini Plansifter
Cleaner Quail II
Cleaner Quail I
Cleaner Francolin
Grain Polisher
Degerminator 1500
Degerminator 3000
Screw Conveyors And Augers
Bag Stitcher
Bagging System
Moisture Tester Superpro
Horizontal Stone Mill

Maize and wheat milling systems:

1,000kg to 2,500kg per hour systems are the result of ABC Hansen Africa's own manufacture and design. This excludes grain storage systems which are still imported but includes cleaners, aspirators, dampeners, conditioning, screw-, bucket, chain- and air conveyors, compact roller mills, mini plan sifters and bagging systems.

Systems are designed for maximum two to three milling lines as anything more becomes vastly inefficient both in operational terms and in maintenance cost.

A 1.2 - 1.5 ton per hour de-germinator and 4 break compact roller milling system form the heart of its maize milling program and is manufactured by ABC Hansen Africa at its Pretoria factory as well as all other items in such milling systems.

In the case of medium scale wheat mills, ABC Hansen's grain polisher which acts as intensive scourer, togther with its compact four stage roller mills and imported Danish stone mills, forms the basis of these milling systems and provides wheat flour of good commercial quality.

In the case of stoneground systems, roller mills are not used in these systems and a series of stone mills, preceded by grain polishers, are used. This does not provide white low ash flour of course but provides flour of high baking quality and of exceptional taste for the health conscious.

Medium scale systems for milling spelt and other special grains are designed to the buyers specifications and have been exported into Scandinavia while many commercial wheat mills were erected in different markets.

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