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ABCHansen can design and build quality solutions that can meet the specific requirements of your line of business and the constraints in your application.

  • Analogue - Pit less (above ground) or In Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Axle Weighing - In Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Digital/Electronic - Pit less (above ground) or In Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Low Profile - Pit less (above ground)
  • Portable - Surface operated - Pit less and on the ground
  • Split Deck Weighbridges – Pit-less (above ground) or In-Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Static – Pit-less (above ground) or In-Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Self-contained – Pit-less (above ground) or In-Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Weigh In Motion - Surface operated – Pit-less and on the ground


The site configuration and layout offer can be complemented with numerous accessories, as for example, automatic barriers, guardrails, video and photo cameras, traffic lights and other deceleration devices as road humps that can complete your installation.

OPTIONAL GRAIN DUMP MODULES available on all ABCHansen truck scales


Reducing the Risk with a Single Source Manufacturing:

When purchasing a truck scale it is important to consider availability and warranty concerning ALL the Truck Scale components. ABCHansen produces and warrants every component in the scale including the steel, the load cells, the electronic junction boxes and the weight instrument. All of this provides the client minimum risk in a long term investment.

Superior Weighbridge Design:

ABCHansen use quality welding systems and procedures to insure continuity of all welding and fabrication. ABCHansen has over 40 years of high capacity steel and scale experience, and the ABCHansen truck scales will provide years of reliable operation.

Load Cells:

The most important component of a truck scale is the load cell. ABCHansen boasts the use of some of the most advanced and leading load cell manufacturers. The Truck Scale load cells are ensured to have been individually tested to meet and exceed design parameters and are environmentally-sealed to insure that your scale performs well even in the harshest environments possible.

Exterior Weighbridge Protection:

All of the steel used in the ABCHansen truck scales is well prepared and then painted with durable paints and/or rust prevention/limiting chemicals. This is unmatched for total environmental protection.

Weight Indicators or Instruments:

ABCHansen use application specific weight indicators designed to meet many operational sequences required for efficient business operation. Many of these instruments have NEMA or equivalent enclosures for added protection in harsh environments where these truck scales operate. Wireless options can even eliminate costly construction work for the running of cumbersome lines and the digging of trenches across the facility.

Junction and Electronic Boxes:

ABCHansen adds value where you least expect it. The ABCHansen electronic junction boxes feature alumina or stainless steel NEMA protection to prevent weather from affecting the way your scale performs.

Automated Systems Design:

Whether the requirement is for an unattended operation, special materials tracking, multiple scales for in and out weighing, or bar code scanners, ABCHansen can customize our solutions to comply with your needs and requirements. We will not change the way you do things, we will make what you do more efficient to save you money in the long run.

Security of Operation:

Digital load cells and compliant electronics and instrumentation can provide you with added service support when you need it most and further protect you from unnecessary down time. The system is designed to alert you of errors in the weighing components.

2 Year Bridge-And-Below Warranty:

To give you peace of mind and ensure that you make the best buying decision by using the ABCHansen products, we proudly boast a 2-year warranty covering manufacturer defects in the weighbridge and electronic components under the scale.

Made In South Africa:

You have the opportunity to purchase from a South African manufacturer with 40 years of manufacturing experience. Your risk is eliminated when you own an ABCHansen truck scale. You have only one source and one call to make for new products and service support. Design, manufacture, and service are all part of the ABCHansen quality oriented philosophy.


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