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14 Reasons for establishing your own grain storage silos

  1. Less need for large trucks and grain cars as you are not detained at central silos and do not have to make the long runs back and forth.
  2. Maintaining your optimal harvest rate
  3. Ability to harvest whenever you like – weekends, after hours, early mornings etc.
  4. Lower diesel use through shorter unloading distance from field to your own centrally located silos
  5. Lower risk for accidents, wear and tear, tyre losses etc. During many trips to town and back
  6. Less labour – drivers, assistants
  7. Retaining your own screenings – and not paying for the 2% the middle man deducts and keeps, a double wammy.
  8. Drying your own grain enables you to harvest earlier, get your money, reduce risk and be ready for the next crop.
  9. Enables you to market your own grain to mills and other processors without commissions or middle men.
  10. Charging storage for your own pocket to processors drawing their grain over longer periods.
  11. Gristing your own grain to ensure top grades are always marketed.
  12. When you eventually sell your farm, silos are capital improvements any buyer will pay for. It increases the value of your farm and has a longer life than any tractor, harvester or other implement.
  13. Last but not least – your storage cost and handling fees, no matter how discounted, still goes a long way in paying off your own silo.
  14. Taken all the spin-offs together, you should be able to have a 3-4 year payback on your investment – for the next 30-40 years.

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