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Degerminators are used to separate bran, germ meal, samp and chips in maize milling. Degerminators receive conditioned grain, and through a shearing action, breaks up the kernel into the bran (the skin of the maize kernel) the germ meal (where most of the fat is stored) and the samp (where most of the starch is stored)

After being sheared, the product enters an integrated rotary sifter, where the germ meal is separated from the chips, samp and bran. After the sifting process, the chips, samp and bran are fed through an aspirator, where the bran (which is lighter than the chips and samp) is sucked off, resulting in only chips and samp being taken further in the milling process, to make Super and Special quality maize meal.

Germ meal and bran are by-products of the process, and when mixed they are known as hominy chop, which is a highly sought after animal feed.

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Power 18.5KW
Capacity 1,000kg - 1,500kg/hr
Capacity dependant on moisture content, grain quality and extraction rate.
Length 1,320mm
Width 470mm
Height 2,200mm on frame - 1,610mm without frame.
Net weight 425kg

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