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Roaster Diesel

Roaster Diesel

The diesel or oil roaster has a pre-heating chamber right alongside the heat outlet and this heat that would otherwise go to waste is utilised to preheat the product by as much as 30 degrees before entering the heating chamber. This naturally allows for an increased capacity and a better roast. In the case of soy beans the roaster has a capacity of around one ton per hour at 140+ degrees. The rotational speed, intake and heat which are the three variables are controlled by a PLC control panel. A jacketed conditioning bin follows the roaster where the product may be allowed to roast further and to change colour where required. It is also a method to rerun a batch that has perhaps not reached correct temperature as the roaster can again be fed from the bin.

Features include:

  • LED display stainless steel or mild steel
  • bucket elevator at intake
  • safe operation
  • diesel tank optional
  • 2 stage high quality burner


Height 5,900 mm
Width 2,200 mm
Length 5,400 mm
Height With Pre-conditioner 5,700 mm

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