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Vertical Blender



Height (mm) 2,805mm
Width (mm) 1,075mm
Length (mm) 1,310mm
Weight (kg) 330kg
Materials Mild Steel / Plastic
Consumables Belts/ bearings/ spirals
Power consumption 2.2-3KW

The ABC Hansen 750l Vertical blender has a total capacity of 1200lt and an effective blending capacity of 750l, and is ideal for blending higher density dry products (600kg/m³ and higher), making it ideal for high energy feed, plastic pellets and other granular materials.

The vertical blender is also known as a fountain blender. The working principle is based on a spiral running in the middle of the cyclone shaped body, picking product up from bottom and middle of the blender and transporting it to the top, where it is distributed over the top of the other product. A mixing cycle takes between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on product and once the mixing process is complete you start to discharge the product while running the mixer. The mixers are capable of doing any mix as long as it does not have a high roughage or molasses content.

The product must also be below 18 % moisture content. The mixer may be fed via an auger into the top, ( Bulk Ingredient ) and via a bottom swivel hopper ( Additives ).

Due to the funnel effect when the spiral transports the product, you get an even blend of the product in a minimum time, with minimal power consumption, when compared to horizontal ribbon or paddle blenders.

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