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Since ancient times weighing has been an often used and much acknowledged way by which the quantity and value of a given material is determined. This principle has not changed and is the same today, merely the way the weighing is carried out is very different due to the technological advances.

Batch weighers are based on the continuous batch weighing system according to which the material flows constantly through the weigher at a given capacity. The continuity of the flow is possible without starting and stopping of the auger or elevator, which ensures a high capacity.

Weighing is based on the well-known principle of establishing physical balance between the batch weighed out and the weigher setting. This ensures optimum accuracy irrespective of the nature and type of material. Contrary to electronic load cell systems, the principle relies on gravity with no need for external power

"All data is either read on a mechanical counter fitted on the weigher or an electronic battery counter. The data can also be transferred by a microswitch to external units of measurment.The weigher can therefore act as an essential control unit in a complete transport system both in the concern of time and weight quantity"

Specification table

Contents (kg) 5 10 25 50 50 100
Capacity (T/h) 7 12 30 60 60 125
Scale volume (liter) 5 8 15 25 27 40
Net weight (kg) 10 30 52 75 85 142
Length (mm) 460 550 720 860 780 950
Width (mm) 425 540 700 850 900 1250
Height (in to out,mm) 475 585 730 840 830 1030
Largest deviation +/- 1% +/- 1% +/- 1% +/- 1% +/- 0.5% +/- 0.5%

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