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The gas roaster manufactured by ABC Hansen is made of heavy gauge mild steel coated with a heat resistant Edge Primer, and insulated with fibre insulation. The roasting cavity is also covered with heat dissapating galvanized sheeting.

The principle of operation is a solid steel plate heated by four cast iron gas burners. Product is introduced into the hopper and feeds through gravity onto the plate. Four scraper arms rotate 180 degrees, scraping the product from the roasting plate continuously ensuring an even roast of the product.

Approximately 25kg of nuts can be roasted per batch. When pre-heated, the products will roast in between 5 and 25 minutes after which it is discharged by pulling open the front discharge gate, and allowing the product to drop into a container through the discharge chute The scraper arms ensure that the roaster is cleared of all the product when the gate is opened.

The duration of the roasting will depend on the product being roasted as well as the heat required during the roasting process. Based on peanuts, the roaster should be able to produce 5 batches of 25kg per hour, fully roasted, but other products may have longer or shorted roasting times.

Each roaster is fitted with an electronic thermometer, which measures the ambient temperature in the roasting cavity.

Specification table

Capacity (T/h) 120kg/hr
Height 1,950mm
Width 850mm
Length 850mm
Weight 135kg
No. of scrapers 2
No. of burners 6
Consumables Scraper wear plate
Power 0.18KW
Heat source LP Gas
Materials Mild Steel

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