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MPEL-Pellet mill

MPEL-Pellet mill
MPEL-Pellet mill Die


The ABCHansen MPEL Plate mill is a multipurpose pelleting press, that provides an excellent product at a reasonable price, both in capital cost and in maintenance.

The simplified plat die system is longer wearing and has a lower replacement cost than the ring die pellet mills common in South Africa. Operation and maintenance is also very simple with all the power being transferred from the motor via a single direct couple gearbox mounted in a cast iron housing.

The hopper feed is adjustable to prevent over feeding and blocking of the die, and the integrated into the mill shaft is a cutting mechanism for cutting pellets into similar lengths before exiting the machine.

The property outlet, as standard is for a bag off directly from the machine, but can be adjusted to feed into cleated or belt conveyors.

Steam treatment can also be added to produce a harder, more commercial pellet, should the need arise, but for on farm use, or where pellets aren't transported over long distances, the steam treatment usually isn't neccesary.

Specification table - as indicative

Height 1450mm
Width 620mm
Length 1150mm
Weight 660kg
Number of plates 2
Number of dies 1
Diameter of dies 280mm
Number of rollers 3
Consumables Rollers, die
Power 30KW
Materials Mild steel, cast iron

Indicative capacity

Based on high energy feed: 1000-1500kg/hr
Based on high roughage feed: 500-1000kg/hr

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