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Extruder SGP500


Full fat soya 500* – 600** kg/hr
Dogfood 600*– 800** kg/hr
Maize or sorghum 400* – 600** kg/hr
Fishfood 300*– 500** kg/hr
Corn/Soy Blend 500 – 600kg/hr
*Capacity is dependent on formulation, size of motor, application of steam.
Main motor 55* – 75** kW
Motor RPM 1460RPM
Volumetric feed motor 0.75kW
Feed adjustment Variable speed gearbox / Inverter
Outboard cutter and motor (Optional) 1.5kW
Barrel overhang ±600mm
Height of product at exit ±560mm
Hopper size 50kg
Extrusion temperature (soya) ±1400C Barrel
±1150C Product
Compression head Middle chambers 600mm and 300mm chambers
All motors are 3 phase 380V Volt, 50 Hz unless otherwise indicated


Width 1200mm
Length 1600mm
Height 1700mm
Mass 1,100kg

As part of our soy bean and maize processsing lines, ABC Hansen Africa also offers a range of extruders. Extruders have many uses, but are mainly used in the soy bean processing industry, to heat the soy beans and thus break down the trypsin inhibitors, increasing the digestability of the beans for animal feed, and in the maize industry for producing extruded maize snack foods. The principle of the extruder is that the product in compressed in the barrel of the extruder to very high pressure, which causes high heat buildup, and expansion of the product once it exits the high pressure environment (hence the puffed maize snacks produced by the machines) ABC Hansen extruders are capable of cooking, expanding, sterilizing, dehydrating and texturising wide range of products. By creating heat through friction, the extrusion process allows for high heat and short cook time, producing high quality feed and food.


Introductory semi-commercial models
  • Ideal for community or village based processing
  • Lower volume output ideal for cost conscious customers
  • Ideal for food and feed ingredients
  • Single, over-the-top volumetric feeder with agitator
  • Rigid, compact construction
  • Engine driven units available
  • Highly cost effective
  • Versatile

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