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Multiplexa Quadro Plansifter

  • Aluminum profile chassis
    Connection is made completely by using bolts. No welding.
  • Sieve box Tightening Mechanism
    No stocks leaks thanks to prefectly designed tightening mechanism .
  • Door Knobs are designed to close plansifter doors tightly .
  • Suspending rods Tightening Mechanism:
    The plansifter is suspended with fiberglas rods.
  • Plastic Doors
    Plansifter doors are made of plastic material in conformity with food production .Temperature isolation between the plastic doors prevents moisture condensation.
  • Osc─▒lating Weigh Balance Spring
    Load is distributed on ball bearings uniformly.
  • Sifter Tightening Boxes
    It tightens the sieve boxes by vertical pressing and regulates the stock inlet into sifter.
  • Passage Side Doors ( ─░solated )
    Passage side doors are made of plastic material for heat insulation .
  • Insulation Elements
    Insulates the sieve boxes perfectly to prevent the mixture of different flour / bran stocks .
  • Sieve Box strength.
    Special aluminum parts are used at sieve box corners to strengthen the box to withstand continous oscillation.
  • Stainless Steel Outlet Pipes
    The outlet pipes designed for a sanitary product transfer.

Plansifter Structure

The chassis and all plansifter passages are connected with bolts.As no welding is done in the aluminum passages, factors like stress cracks and metal fatigue due to heat transfer to the metal during welding has been eliminated.

Modular System

A Huge advantage of the modular system is that any plansifter can be upgraded simply by adding on components. No need to throw out a sifter and repalce it with another, or to add another sifter in a limited space due to an increase in milling capacity. Sifting capacity can be increased from 4 passages up to 10 passages with the modular system to obtain more efficient sifting surface.

This feature makes the Multiplexa unequalled in its class.


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