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Datasheet:Vitamin doser

Model: MDS1000

vit doser

Description and Use

The Affordable, Effective MDS1000 Dosing Unit From ABC HANSEN AFRICA

The MDS1000 dosing Unit from ABC Hansen Africa, is an upgraded version of the previous NV100 doser.

It is a free standing dosing machine specifically designed for the dosing of small quantities of additives into batch type or continuous mixing systems.

The MDS1000 is made from High Grade 304/ 316 Stainless steel or chrome plated for all components that come into contact with the dosing medium. This includes the feed hopper, screw, agitator etc.

Control circuitry is contained in a sealed panel attached to the basic frame. This minimizes dust contamination of the electrical components. Control panel IP55 (dust splash proof), powder coated. The frame and all other non-stainless steel parts are powder coated.

Bearings are situated outside product contact area and is made of composite polymer ideal for food safety use since no grease or rollers are used. The bearing can operate under severe dust conditions and requires no lubrication.

The MDS1000 is suitable for all milling systems, whether large or small scale and also ideal for any application where accurate dosing of solids is required. The units sells at an extremely affordable price.

Dimension and Mass

Length 505 mm
Width 507 mm
Height 726.64mm
Mass 34 kg

Shipping Dimension

Length 505 mm
Width 507 mm
Height 727mm

Additional Information

Dosing Accuracy and principle

The screw feeder speed is variable from as low as 15 grams per minute upwards, without having to stop or do any mechanical changes to the unit. With agitator to eliminate bridging and avoid compaction commonly associated with vibration. 99% accuracy. It is recommended that a free flowing meal such as super maize meal be used to extend the batch of vitamins to be added. Do not use a fine flour as extender. In a flour mill, use industrial flour as extender as it would flow easier and is less likely to bridge. On a 500kg/hour flow for instance, where 100 gram per hour is dosed, the micro ingredient mix should be extended 10 times (mix 1:10) to allow a dosing speed of 1,000grams per hour for an addition rate of 100gram per hour micro ingredients. Should 200gram per hour or more be required (such as for a 1,000 kg per hour flow) the doser can electronically be set to run faster. Do not set inverter below 20Hz as this may cause the geared motor to overheat. The frequency inverter may be set to any faster speed. To set the screw speed, see the enclosed pamphlet. The speed can be doubled from a minimum of 1000gr/hour to 2,000gr/hour or any value in between by simply turning the knob clockwise or counter clockwise. The hopper is designed to accommodate 25 kg of product to consist of both extender and micro ingredients. The doser can be wired by your own electrician to your control panel to allow for shut off when the auger, transporting the meal of flour, is stopped for any reason. Power requirements is very low at below 6 amps single phase - so plug in and go, with a 0.18Kw geared motor, inverter controlled.

vit doser

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