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SHA-Conditioning hopper

SHA-Conditioning hopper


Square bins are used as buffer tanks in a processing line, and are used a conditioning bins in milling lines.

The capacity of the bin, in the case of conditioning bins, will be dependant on the capacity of the milling line, and the conditioning time required. Conditioning times vary between 1 and 24 hours, and milling line capacities vary between 500kg/h and 20T/h.

Conditioning bins are set up as First in First out (FIFO) bins, to allow sufficient conditioning time for all the grain entering the bin. Construction is in mild steel, with a painted or galvanised finish.


Capacity 0.5 m³-50m³
Length 500mm - 3,000mm
Width 500mm - 3,000mm
Height 1500mm - 15,000mm
Net weight 120kg-4500kg

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