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PSHELL - Peanut Sheller

Sheller with diesel drive
Side views
Front view


The ABCHansen PSHELL peanut sheller range is suitable for shelling peanuts and other ground nuts, using an integrated system of rollers to break the shells, without damaging the kernels, and blowers with lance cut screens to separate the shells and the kernels, using very similar principles as a destoner to separate the heavy kernels and the shells.

The machine has very high efficiencies and low breakage on the peanut kernels, ensuring a high yield of unbroken kernels.

Specification table

Capacity (kg/h) 200-300
Shelling efficiency 98%
Damage/broken rate <4%
Remnant shell in final product <2.5%
Height 1660mm
Width 1060mm
Length 1520mm
Weight 175kg
Consumables Belts/Bearings
Power 2.2KW 2Pole
Materials Mild Steel

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