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MSH - Horizontal Stone Mill

MSH - Horizontal Stone Mill


The range of stone mills have been manufactured since 1925 in Denmark and with this experience, our stone mills provide excellent milling quality.

The horizontal stone mills are branded as Farmers Favorite 600 and 950mm stone mills and are standard items. Stone mills are ideal for the milling of spices, because of the low milling temperature, thus preventing discoloration and loss of flavor, and its ability to grind the product extremely fine. Many varied applications requiring fine milling with low oil and moisture content is routinely supplied, from macadamia nut shells to starch.

Stone milling of various grains are considered healthier than metal contaminated roller milling. As special health mills horizontal stone mills are routinely supplied with stone scourers and sifters. Very good quality fine flour can be obtained. Spelt (an ancient Bronze grain species related to wheat) milling in Europe is done entirely with stone milling systems

Currently the largest market in the world for stone mills is in Ethiopia, for the fine milling of teff.

Stone milling is especially suited where dry products with low oil content have to be milled very finely .In the case of grain, a pass through a 160my screen can be as high as 95%. Stone mills offer low investment in equipment for fine grinding with low heat transfer to product and runs at low operational cost. Well suited for all grains and spices and can be applied to numerous other products. Product is normal discharged by means of air which increases capacity and retains a low milling temperature.

Specification table

950mm 600mm
Capacity fine 350kg/hr 175kg/hr
Capacity coarse 1,000kg/hr 500kr/hr
Height 1540mm 1350mm
Width 1840mm 1340mm
Length 1380mm 1000mm
Weight 1,020kg 650kg
Power 18.5kw 7.5kw
Stones RPM 300-500RPM 380RPM
No. runner stones 1
No. stationary stones 1
Consumables Stones/V-belts/Bearings
Materials Painted mild steel/ Stainless

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