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Universal Mill
Stone, Pin, Plate and hammermill attachments


The unique combination of plate mill, pin mill, stone mill and hammer mill, in one basic structure is an inexpensive solution to small millers requiring these functions. The various attachments and speed reducers are supplied in kit form whereby one drive unit is all it takes to, in turn, transform the plate mill into a hammer mill or a stone mill or a pin mill.

Without changing pulleys, a frequency inverter may be used to change the required speed of operation for the various applications. The hammer attachment mill is used for milling herbs or other coarse / large dry products. The plate mill is used for grinding grains and wet and particles, or non free flowing materials. The pin mill is primarily used for milling granular products into powders at low temperature, for example milling sugar into castor sugar. The stone mill is used for milling non granular materials into powders at cooler temperatures, and is used mostly in spice milling and as a final reduction in wheat milling. The machine can also run off of diesel or petrol engines - if required

The fineness of the milled product, when using the plate, or stone attachments, can easily be adjusted with the adjustment wheel on the side of the machine - which adjusts the apperture between the two plates. The pin mill however is not adjustable as the fineness is determined by the speed of the pins and the spacing of the pins.

To adjust the fineness of the milled product when using the hammermill equipment, the screen is changed. Screen sizes vary between 0.6mm apperture up to 25mm apperture.

Products that can be milled using the different attachments are listed, but are not limited to the below

Plate mill

Hammer mill

Stone mill

Pin mill

Specification table - as indicative

Height 1500mm
Width 600mm
Length 1400mm
Weight 285
Number of reversable plates 2
Diameter of plates 280mm
Number of stones 2
Diameter of stones 350mm
Number of Bennox hammermill tips 12
Size of tips 55x55x8
Consumables Plates, V-belts, bearings, plates, stones, hammer mill tips
Power 11KW
Capacity (dependant on product and fineness) 120kg/h-400kg/h
Materials Mild steel / Stainless steel optional

Technical specifications may be altered without notice. All capacities shown are indicative only

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