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MPU-Plate mill

MPU-Plate mill
MPU-Plate mill disks


The amazing Cormall plate mill is able to mill virtually any product, from oily products such as peanuts for peanut butter, spices, coffee, grain such as sorghum, maize, wheat, rye, and cassava. Also products like sugar, salt, beans etc. can be efficiently milled Maintenance and running cost is extremely low - a set of plates, which are reversable, can last up to 2000 hours, with low replacement cost.

Power requirements start at 4KW, but as a standard 11KW is fitted to most machines

The machine can also run off of diesel or petrol engines - if required

The fineness of the milled product can easily be adjusted with the adjustment wheel on the side of the machine - which adjusts the apperture between the two plates.

The mill can also be converted to a Universal mill - where the mill can be converted between a plate mill, stone mill and hammer mill in literally minutes.

Other than for milling, the plate mill can also be used to dehull sunflowers - when used in conjunction with an aspiration leg.

Specification table - as indicative

Shipping height 1500mm
Shipping width 600mm
Shipping length 1400mm
Weight 255
Number of plates 2
Diameter of plates 280mm
Consumables Plates, V-belts, bearings
Power 4KW-11KW
Materials Mild steel / Stainless steel optional

Indicative capacity

Product: Raw soy beans - whole, full hull
Drive: 11KW
Capacity tested: 290kg/hr
Screen results: <1000micron 92%
<850micron 86%
<400micron 55%
<212micron 49%
Product: Raw maize - whole, full hull
Drive: 11KW
Capacity tested: 550kg/hr
Screen results: <2000micron 85%
<1500micron 72%
<1000micron 43%
<212micron 5%

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