Datasheet: Livestock Scale

Model: ABC2100

Description & Use

For placement in cattle crushes or with one section use for weighing small animals.

Spare parts & Consumables

Product Name Description
Load Cells  


Capacity 4,000kg
Increments 100 grams. 
Number of load cells 4
Capacity per load cell 3000kg
Load cell finish Electroplated, rust free
Load bar finish Electroplated, rust free
Stands 4 - advanced plastic, non slip
Beams 600mm x 75mm x 50mm
Total Mass 70 kg
Instrument type ABC406
Lead acid battery, rechargeable from 220V AC, 12V DC 
Lock in feature Locks in weight with moving livestock
Battery life between charges 15 -20 hours weigh life
Memory Yes, with instrument model 406
Average function Yes, with instrument model 406


Length 2,100mm
Width 400mm
Height 100mm
Height above ground level 150mm
Platform finish Spray Painted over Galvanized 
Platform surface Non slip round bar welded to surface
Special mobility feature Platform can be split in two halves by undoing four wing nuts only. Easily transportable by one person. Only one half needs to be used for sheep or pigs. Can easily be fitted to existing crush or crate. Angled side plates allows for cattle & sheep to stay securely on platform.

Technical specifications may be altered without notice. All capacities shown are indicative only