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CLD Destoner


ABC Hansen offers a range of destoners for removing stones and other materials from grain based on the differing specific weights of the products. Capacities range from 4 to 15 tons per hour, dependant on product cleaned, moisture content and percentage of waste material in the product. The destoner can optionally be offered with an aspiration system to remove particles that are lighter than the product being sorted.


Vibration Motors: As the source of vibration, motor inclinations are adjustable for adjusting the capacities.

Sight Window: For easy observation of the product flow

Led Illunination: Illumination of the screens, to increase the visability of the product flow

Hollow Springs: To carry the load of the machine, and to absorb the vibration from the machine, to reduce the carry over of vibration into the frame of the unit and into the floor.

Pressure Indicator: To indicate the air pressure in the machine on aspirated systems

Steel construction chassis: Made of durable sheet steel, for increased vibration resistance

Body Inclination Adjustment: The machine body is adjustable to set the separation accuracy, effectiveness, and flow rate

Sieve Frames: Easy to dismantle. Vibration resistant, to increase useful life

Air-recycling system is available on request.


60x120 120x120
Width 1850mm 1850mm
Height 2010mm 2010mm
Length 926mm 1526mm
Sifting area 1.4m3 2.8m3
Power requirement 0.9KW 1.8KW
Air requirement 90m3/m 120m3/m
Capacity 4-8TPH 8-15TPH
Weight 525kg 765kg
Volume 3m3 5.1m3

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