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CDAMP2.4 Dampener



The Dampener is used for adding moisture into grain, specifically for the conditioning of grains before milling. Conditioning grain before milling allows for the easier removal of the husk and germ from the grain kernel which is important when producing a Super and Special quality maize meal, and when producing wheat flour.

The dampener has a trough carry section, and a paddled shaft which agitates the grain through the trough section.

At the entry end of the trough, 5 nozzles, connected to a dampener control system, sprays a calculated amount of water onto the grain, and the paddles gently massage the moisture into the grain, as they move the grain to the exit end of the dampener, allowing for maximum water penetration.

After dampening, the grain will typically enter a conditioning bin, where the grain will lay for between 1 and 24 hours (depending on the type of grain and process) before entering the next process in the milling line.


Power0.75KW (reduction gear driven)
Capacity1,000KG-5,000KG per hour
Capacity will depend on the required moisture content, and the type and quality of seed.
Net weight168KG

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